I blog about health, freedom, and other uncertainties.

The Washington Post says I’m “an influential health-care wonk at the libertarian Cato Institute.” So that’s nice. The New Republic says I’m “engaging and sharp-witted” and “Obamacare’s Single Most Relentless Antagonist,” but also “a person you’ve probably never heard of.” The Hill says I’m among the 100 People to Watch. In the fall. Of 2013. I founded the Anti-Universal Coverage Club (https://www.facebook.com/anti.universal.coverage.club).

In a past life, I advised a certain political party’s Senate leadership on health care, as well as education, labor, welfare, and the Second Amendment. They were less interested in my views on gay rights, immigration, the drug war, and military spending. I have appeared on ABC, Al Jazeera, CBS, CNN, CNBC, C-SPAN, Fox News Channel, NPR, etc. I’ve published in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times (okay, online), New York Post, Diplomat, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Huffington Post, National Review, Forum for Health Economics & Policy, Harvard Health Policy Review, Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine, Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics, etc. Sometimes I testify before Congress & state legislatures.

I co-edited the e-book Replacing ObamaCare (http://store.cato.org/replacing-obamacare-cato-institute-health-care-reform), co-wrote the dead-tree book Healthy Competition (http://store.cato.org/books/healthy-competition-whats-holding-back-health-care-how-free-it-paperback), and identify and publish books by other scholars for the Cato Institute.

I received a B.A. (American government) from the University of Virginia, and an M.A. (economics) and J.M. (law & economics) from George Mason University. Still, I am not too sure of anything.

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